Blood Glucose Meter Diabetic Testing Monitors with 50X Strips 50X Lancets Set



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Name: Intelligence Blood Monitor Glucose Meter Glucometer +50x Strips 50x Lancets Set
Color: White
Material: Plastic
Memory Capacity: 250
Blood Sample: 1µl
Measurement Time: 8s
Test Specimen: Microvascular Whole Blood
Test Range: 1.1mmol/L – 33.3mmol/L
Relative Humidity: <90%
Temperature: 10 ~ 40℃
Red Blood Cell: 30-60%
Auto Shut Off: 15s – 180s
Atmospheric Pressure Range: 70kPa – 106kPa
Battery: 2x AAA Batteries (included)
Lancing Device Size: (L)X(W) 10.5x2cm / 4.13‘‘x0.79‘‘(appr.)
* Compact size, lightweight, easy to carry.
* Multifunction, practical and widely applicable.
* The test strip automatic withdrawal to avoid infection.
* Automatic power off function, more longer service life.
* 250 groups memory capacity, easy access at any time.
* Large display screen showing the test results, clear and ideal for the old man.
Warm Tips:
* Lancets are for one-off use to avoid infections and other situations.
* Coding Glucose Monitor is more accurately: For correct results, you must check the code number printed on the foil packet of strips and calibrate your meter according to it before using it for the first time or each time you change to another carton of test strips.
Using Steps:
Step 1. Washing hand
Step 2. Unscrewing blood sampling pen
Step 3. Putting the needle into the blood sampling pen
Step 4. Unscrewing the needle protect cover and keep the protect the cover
Step 5. Screwing the blood sampling pen
Step 6. Adjusting the number for the needle depending on personal situation (1 is for shallowest, 6 is for deepest)
Step 7. Pull the back of the pen and it will back
Step 8. Taking a test paper
Step 9. Insert the test paper
Step 10. Pressing C button to adjust the correction code and press I button to save
Step 11. Using blood sampling pen to take some blood
Step 12. Drawing blood sample
Step 13. The result shown after 25 seconds
Step 14. Disposing of waste correctly
Step 15. Putting the protecting cover on needle and disposing medicines waste correctly
1. Best Time For Measuring:
(1) Fasting plasma glucose( At least 8 to 10 hours without any food, except water).
(2) 2 hours after a meal (The timing starts from the first bite).
2. Test Sample:
(1) Should wait for the alcohol volatilize thoroughly, because of the residual alcohol will affects the measured values.
(2) The first blood you have collected can not be used as test sample, that it may be mixed with the tissue fluid.
3. Usages:
Blood should be closed to the edge of test strips that it makes the blood absorbed effectively by test paper.
And it should put the blood on the other side of paper which close to a small port on the upper left.
Then turn the machine over 45 degrees makes it toward to this suction port.
4. Errors:
About 15% to 20% deviation.
A deviation of the testing result maybe caused by the Improper operation, diet or the emotion changes.
And the test error of the blood glucose meter was less than 20% which had no effect on the treatment of the patients
Package A included:
1X Blood Glucose Meter (batteries included)
1X Lancing Device
1X Storage Bag
50X Strips
50X Lancets
Package B included:
50X Strips
50X Lancets
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