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Wltoys v922 rc helicopter appearance, head cover red-based. The overall body design with the 911 is almost the same; tail rod, tail rotor with the tail hood are exactly the same with the 911. Base material is softer, the tail motor with 911 the main motor a bit like the main motor should be a brush, turn the wing, the resistance is great, the interval is great.
WLtoys V922 RC Helicopter 4 - Product evaluation:WLtoys V922 RC Helicopter

Wltoys v922 rc helicopter steering gear is really semi-open semi-bare for a straight steering gear. Its role I guess is to save space and save costs, in fact, all aspects of the aircraft components are made of low-quality plastic, hood and base are very very soft (head hood end of the bayonet deformation), tail It is only a piece of flexible plastic sheet that can be bent. The main material should be plastic.
WLtoys V922 RC Helicopter 3 - Product evaluation:WLtoys V922 RC Helicopter
Wltoys v922 remote control is large, if I want to use the index finger plus thumb to hold the two joystick inward (switch direction) to the end, will be more difficult.
It is worth mentioning that this control has a let me shine function, that is, anytime, anywhere easy to switch four ways. In the top of the key to open a relatively heavy slider, engraved L with R, pull about you can switch left and right throttle stick. There are two kinds of throttle sticks in my chart (see the throttle stick position). And then turn on the control, press the button will be able to switch the hands of the United States hand with Japan; the back of a simulator interface. I never play the simulator, so do not introduce the battery cover is directly open, 4 * 5 electricity; charger with the battery connection, which must be inserted two wires Caixing. Charger is just above the two openings like 911 charger (in fact, the opening is not the same), but in 922 seemingly completely useless; spare parts to the main tail rotor, Phillips screwdriver, mini hexagon with some connecting rod Ah helm arm ah what ah. Quality is more times; the battery is full or not connected to the battery green light; before the flight is the first open control, then the power, and then the green light flash, the body has been issued a light and harsh voice, intermittent in the telegraph. When the power of the main paddle and steering machine will be fretting, but will not issue a self-test the end of the sound, get me do not know how long to wait. It is estimated that wait until the green light continued it.
WLtoys V922 RC Helicopter 2 - Product evaluation:WLtoys V922 RC Helicopter
Wltoys v922 rc helicopter-The body of the helicopter is very light and very light in relation to the torque of the main paddle. So take the time to throttle a little push, the fuselage will be in place immediately spin, and finally lose stability directly lead to the main paddle hit, take off failed. So take the time to use the most slow speed to push the throttle, until the tail motor to force the putter take off; In fact, Wltoys v922 rc helicopter gyroscope is very focused on the power when the position, so whenever the fuselage in the non-smooth The state of the power, will lead to gyroscope offset, take off when the main paddle hit, take off the failure; normal mode flight should be no problem; pitch curve, throttle curve, gyroscope all adjustable. Remote control function is more than the toy control more than two twist switch, and then you can wantonly switch four ways. The appearance of slightly the atmosphere; the main motor output is very strange. Stable hover after pushing the throttle, slow speed. The sound of the throttle sound. It is estimated that the normal mode of the main push by pushing the pitch; the main motor is a brush motor, caliber than 911 large.WLtoys V922 RC Helicopter 1 - Product evaluation:WLtoys V922 RC Helicopter
Wltoys v922 with Wltoys 911 common advantages, that is, fried. Today in the living room test flight, due to the relatively slow feel up one did not adapt, the main paddle hit the ground ah ah ah on the sofa on the treadmill, the results are nothing. The maximum is to pull off the control re-calibration gyroscope with the steering gear, throttle slowly push and take off. This should be attributed to the low power of the main motor.

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