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The first time to fly XK K120, it is recommended to follow the instructions set, pitch 70 is enough. Before there are X6 control K110 do not forget to give K120 another build a module, if the 3D mode or 110 80 pitch, all of a sudden can not meet the danger.
XK K120 01 - XK K120 RTF Brushless RC Helicopter
XK k120 helicopter motherboard finally flattened, and there is no before those glass glue, looked very refreshing. The new machine must check the motherboard fixing screw, do not be too loose, because the factory sponge glue above the layer of oil and paper did not peel off, the motherboard is not sticky sponge pad, just pressed on the above, the rest of their own want it. Try the next spin, run badly, should not tune well. K120 tune well, the direction of the right to death, no wind in the case can have been in place, spin optimization is very good.
XK K120 02 - XK K120 RTF Brushless RC Helicopter
The only change in the new version of the servo xk k120 rc helicopter is: more glue fixed. Very fast, can only be used to cut the gap with the knife can only be released, we do not have to tie the line ah, paste the tape and other self consolidation. I 3D fly two days 12 electric, every time the tail is not hot, really not hot! Lock tail feeling with 110 for large tail pulp after almost, are good. Just turned to the fine as K110 smooth, a little hard, power is not to say, the first is the wind resistance, 120 much better, slightly larger winds will not like 110 up and down as the channeling. Accuracy and stability than 110 good, easy to do action. Chassis and other large legs tripod are thick, but the upgrade 2S this should be. 120 new machine and the same new machine 110 in the hand to experience the highest speed under the shock, but K120 vibration smaller, no, basically no vibration, which is the difference in accuracy! Well first, I remember the bad, the other thought to add it. Yes, the appearance of 120 is also an advantage, above a set of metal and carbon fiber lines tail pipe.

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