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gteng t901c try to choose a relatively open over, there is no shelter of the flat (except indoor small aircraft) if the lawn is more ideal. The plane can not be used to completely no electricity and then re-charge or put to play when the re-charge, as long as the aircraft can not fly to charge. Do not use the aircraft’s waste is also used to clean and then recharge, the aircraft battery will cause serious damage, there will be no charge and so on, we must pay attention! Remember!
GTeng T901C Tiny 720P Camera 2 4G 4 Channel 6 axis Gyro Quadcopter One Key Automatic Return PURPLISH BLUE 00 - GTeng T901C Tiny RC Quadcopter Evaluation
GTeng T901C Tiny RC Quadcopter the most likely to make mistakes: fly too hurry, the joystick pushed to the top, the helicopter became a space shuttle, straight into the sky; avoid landing or reduce the height of the second will often appear wrong action: take it for granted to give up manipulation, (The electric helicopter and the electric glider, the glider has a fixed glide can slowly glide down), the helicopter once the wireless signal is not received, the propeller is to stop working, this time the helicopter fell to the ground, although the helicopter are seismic design, but Not conducive to extend the model life.
GTeng T901C Tiny 720P Camera 2 4G 4 Channel 6 axis Gyro Quadcopter One Key Automatic Return PURPLISH BLUE 09 - GTeng T901C Tiny RC Quadcopter Evaluation
GTENG T901C the correct way to fly: Although the remote control aircraft easy to operate, good stability, but after all, is an aircraft, to control it is also a question, only to continuously improve their control skills, Fun, so it is strongly recommended that you must carefully read the instructions before the test, do not rush to the real machine operation. If you want to control the play by the child, you must be in advance to fully grasp the relevant operational essentials, and give the child a timely help to guide; early fly to fly low (1 m or so), push the joystick to half , Feel the manipulation of the handle, to make the helicopter fly high is not difficult, but to fly to be able to hover in the low hover, before and after the free turn and precise fixed landing, that is great master, control electric helicopter’s greatest pleasure In this case, but to achieve this level usually need 5-6 voyage (charge a power for a voyage), not impatient.

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