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Cheerson CX-10W mini-UAV,only 4 cm in diameter,the product box is not large,in particular,to mention that,from the top of the box outline and the size of the actual UAV comparison,the basic appearance of basic Is the size of the physical,and the current unmanned aerial vehicle has three colors optional (soil Hao gold, rose gold, dark gray),the proposed use of age 14 years of age,because of their own without the wing,then the fan if hit operator The body is still very painful,so it is not recommended to too small children when the toys play.
Cheerson CX10W Mini 01 - Cheerson CX-10W Mini RC Quadcopter Reviews
cheerson cx-10w drone exquisite petite,one hand in the grip,4cm diameter is estimated that the world’s smallest UAV now.
Cheerson CX10W Mini 02 - Cheerson CX-10W Mini RC Quadcopter Reviews
This UAV support 2.4GHZ spread spectrum technology,through the wireless to control the UAV flight.Cx-10w comes standard with a 30W pixel HD camera,so do not look like it is small,the same support for FPV real-time camera and video.With the appearance of view,this camera may be used in the previous mobile phone used 30w pixel camera.Body as a whole ABS plastic material,the bottom can directly see the battery module and antenna part,do not look at the battery is small,the UAV battery pack contains automatic protection system,the battery charge and discharge can be effectively protected.The antenna can be made when the wireless signal transmission more stable, the maximum support for the remote control range of 20 meters.
Cheerson CX10W Mini 03 - Cheerson CX-10W Mini RC Quadcopter Reviews
Cx-10w charging port and wireless switch on the same side,it is easy to identify.Open the switch,the UAV’s four corners will flash four lights,two red and two blue,and then open the WiFi on the phone,you will search for a “CX-10wifi” named WiFi signal,select the connection,The indicator light on the light that the connection,you can control the UAV through the phone.

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