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v911-2 helicopter this small plane really good, resistant to fall, easy to learn, easy to operate, there is a certain resistance to wind. Cheap, very good entry helicopter. However, for the novice helicopter, there is still a process of getting started, here to talk about how to get started with it.Compared with the V911. V911-2 look even more stout. In addition, V911-2 head than V911 slender.
V911 2 01 - WLtoys V911-2 RC Helicopter Getting Started and Its Sexual Function
WLtoys V911-2 battery is best equipped with the original 200mA. Life time is longer, up to 8 minutes, but slightly heavier, slightly lower operating performance. Or with the original plant 175mA, light weight, the operation is very good, life about 7 to 8 minutes. Not recommended with the original 150mA, one is too light, but affect the operating performance, the second is less than 7 minutes of battery life. It’s a bit too short. No matter what kind of battery, pay attention to the same with the battery, do not mix, or replace the battery after each have to fine-tune the remote control, a little trouble. Accessories, the original is the main configuration of the main Ji, novice, you can buy some wearing parts, such as the balance hammer, after the propeller. Funds permit, you can also buy fish swashplate and carbon fiber spindle upgrade, and so skilled to try to upgrade, improve operational performance. Remote control, then buy the original small control can be, do not buy upgrade control, two kinds of control operation performance is the same, upgrade control more than a right hand throttle switch function, more than several modes of operation, but the volume is large, too Heavy point.
Next, talk about the entry operation. After each plug in the battery, be sure to immediately put the plane flat on a horizontal plane. In the process of powering up, the aircraft will automatically record the current level and direction data as the origin of the airborne gyroscope. Press down, that is, to open the remote control. Here to note that according to the instructions, is the end of power, and then open the remote control to complete the 2.4G remote control unique code operation, and my V911-2, this operation sometimes can not complete the code, to power Open the remote control to complete the code, I do not know whether it is common. After the completion of the code, the aircraft lights will stop flashing, then you can try to operate the aircraft took off. The first test flight, we must pay attention not to be outdoors, the novice is easy to fly too high, can not fly back to fly lost aircraft. In flight, it should be noted that once it is possible to crash the object, immediately decisive off the throttle, V911 this small plane, almost fell not bad, but it is easy to hit the main Ji and balance hammer. For the novice, the hardest thing is to take off. Because the plane’s ground effect, take off instantaneous aircraft will show a state of out of control, resulting in novice did not take off. Take off the main points to be decisive, do not add a little bit, the plane rose to the air, it is easy to control. After the success of the take-off, must remember to immediately throttle, or the plane on the fly, or hit the ceiling. Take off after the success, you can try to move back and forth side of the fly, turn left turn right.
V911 2 02 - WLtoys V911-2 RC Helicopter Getting Started and Its Sexual Function
WLtoys V911-2 RC Helicopter After learning the initial flight, then, is to carefully adjust the aircraft. V911 such a four-way helicopter, there are two steering gear, a control before and after a control left and right side of the fly. The adjustment method is to adjust the left and right of the remote control to zero. Then adjust the length of the steering gear arm. A little bit of tone, a little bit of test, until the aircraft in the remote control does not operate the premise of the basic no longer around the move can be. There is a little move, then use the remote control on the fine tune can be transferred.
WLtoys V911-2 the throttle trim on the remote control is not adjusted. The left turn of the nose is actually no need to turn right
Tune, each time the power, the aircraft will turn left and right automatically zero. If the zero return is bad, only need to do a little fine-tuning.
V911 2 03 - WLtoys V911-2 RC Helicopter Getting Started and Its Sexual Function
V911-2 After the completion of the aircraft to adjust, basically can be regarded as a get started. Next, that is, more practice, and first practice hover, and then practice rudder surface reaction. When the basic can be skilled operation, you can choose a small day of the wind, flying to the outdoor fly. It should be noted that, in the indoor flight, you can open the remote control to a small rudder mode, not easy to hit something, outdoor flying, open to the rudder mode, improve wind resistance. However, for V911-2, the difference between the size of the rudder is not obvious. My actual experience, in the outdoors, the kite can fly up, V911-2 basically can not control the.

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