WLtoys V912 Sky Dancer RC Helicopter,Cool!!! Leave a comment

WLtoys V912 RC Helicopter age recommendations:not suitable for children under 14 years of age,this is not a toy,which is a complex model products,not only to be careful operation,but also need to have operational knowledge and operational basis;3D all-round flight:forward and backward,Left and right side of the fly,rise and fall,hover,360°rotation;Left and right hand switch:remote control can be set to four modes remote control,to meet any operating habits;anti-jamming performance:2.4G spread spectrum remote control technology,at the same time more than one flight between each other Non-interference;professional LCD display speed panel:professional LCD display electronic governor,through the menu to adjust the data,more convenient to adjust the performance of the aircraft;battery can be repeated charging:7.4V / 1500MAH high-performance lithium battery;Wind resistance: no matter when and where,regardless of sunny days,including outdoor wind is not greater than 4-5 level,can meet your desire for flight.
WLtoys V912 4CH 2 4G Sky Dancer RC Helicopter 03 - WLtoys V912 Sky Dancer RC Helicopter,Cool!!!

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