FX133 Mini RC Quadcopter,Cute!!! Leave a comment

FX133 Mini RC Quadcopter go up and down,forward and backward,turn left and right,left sidefly and right sidefly, turn over 360 degree in 4 directions;with headless model,can turn over 360 degree with headless model;one key for slow landing.
FX133 Mini remote control and four-axis aircraft modeling novel and unique, with orange and green two colors;can be around and 360 degrees tumbling; with headless mode, headless mode can be 360 degrees roll;a key to slow down, landing process can be controlled before and after the choice of landing point;close the remote control or because of the remote control distance and lost, the aircraft will automatically slow down;with stuck protection;the aircraft lithium battery with overcharge / over discharge / short circuit protection;using a dedicated USB charging cable to the aircraft charging, charging cable with overcharge protection;the battery has UL certification.
FEILUN FX133 Mini RC Quadcopter RTF GREEN 03 600x600 - FX133 Mini RC Quadcopter,Cute!!!FX133 Mini RC Quadcopter 02 600x600 - FX133 Mini RC Quadcopter,Cute!!!

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