FT009 RC High Speed Racing Boat,Super Fast! Leave a comment

FT009 RC Boat,a beautifully crafted streamlined boat,streamlined the shape of the ship to reduce the resistance to promote the rapid advance of the hull;bow with a resin bow protection cover,no longer afraid of the bow wear;Super power propeller,strong propeller to push the hull quickly forward and backward,tight bayonet knob,convenient outlet design,give up the screw this trouble fixed way,so that the cover off,fixed and convenient,at any time to view the ship into the water,Pouring;hull configuration double waterproof sealing ring,four bayonet internal re-fixed,as much as possible to reduce the water;power configuration high-speed,with 540 brushless two-way motor;operation,up to 35-40km/H,with strong power,low maintenance costs;hull water cooling system,water cycle,reduce the motor circuit fever,fast cooling for the motor,for more secure,greatly extend the motor life.
FT009 RC Boat also has a capsize reset automatic function,when the ship capsize in the water can turn the function,but also back,and 2.4GHz high-frequency remote control,also for only $ 34.88,learn more detailed parameters in the —->https://hobbyant.com/p/sale-15861/

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