JJRC H20H Mini Hexacopter,Small And Sexy!!!! Leave a comment

JJRC H20H compact and portable, anytime, anywhere to fly on the fly, the use of advanced barometer, to achieve suspension will be high, just after the completion of the frequency, to promote the throttle and separate, the aircraft will be suspended at a fixed height, sustained and stable flight; The aircraft can not identify the direction, the headless mode without the need to distinguish the direction of the aircraft, direct remote control aircraft forward / backward / turn left / right; aircraft built-in positioning recognition system, can remember the aircraft take off the geographical coordinates, In accordance with the initial coordinates of the direction of automatic fly back; 360 ° around the free tumbling, can show the air drift and other cool stunt by the aircraft model enthusiasts love; into the headless mode, while flying by the arrow keys, you can fly out of the aircraft Fancy rotation effect, cool flight; 2.4GHz band signal, the operation more accurate, more responsive, remote control distance can be more at the same time in the same place to control multiple aircraft without interference.
JJRC H20H configuration of the original high-quality protection ring, to prevent the aircraft in the flight process by the collision caused by damage; body with high-quality rubber paint, smooth surface, dripping into beads, feel good toughness tough, easy to corrosion, anti-drop performance; Propeller Nylon engineering plastics and general Propeller Prop compared to the more heat-resistant corrosion, wear; battery, a unique product structure design, replaceable lithium battery, so you can enjoy the flight for a long time without interruption.Just only $18.98
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