xaZaQlALyjr2 meitu 28 - Orlandoo OH35P01 DIY KIT RC Car,is Great!!!

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Orlandoo OH35P01 F150 alloy static pickup is on the basis of Orlandoo Hunt larger modification.
The chassis was re-routed, cut, and drilled, including the drawbar and the shock absorber fixed points were newly designed. Vehicle tires and wheel eyebrows just from the real integration! Rod diverted to shorter than the original through the higher and stronger! After the tire with dual tires to do support, far away as the birds on the desert!
Orlandoo OH35P01 DIY car not afraid of the desert swallowed! The next big bright spot is the interior has been a lot of reservations, so you from the interior or the surface did not see any electronic parts and traces, but let you see is that you want to ride into the luxury Interior! But also including the batteries that act as exhaust pipes under the tail. Pro, what is the reason to say that my car is only Orlandoo Khan special chassis directly into the kind of small hard conversion it?
So the vehicle does not pay attention to see that is a static model, this is the Orlandoo Hunt can not do the original car, usually do not play can still static model: on the window? On the windshield On the desk and so on! I am using the Orlandoo Hunt top allocation with the allocation of such a play is not easy to bad, strong performance! Axle did not choose the metal axle because only the size of the car is only 1:35 of the metal bridge over the force, the key to the plastic axle inside the core of the drive shaft is all-metal is the most cost-effective and save money.s5sITDFYWWUs meitu 24 - Orlandoo OH35P01 DIY KIT RC Car,is Great!!!1KP7r2ltEnV7 meitu 20 - Orlandoo OH35P01 DIY KIT RC Car,is Great!!!

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