K135 Charger Set

AntKay K135 4 in 1 Li-ion Battery Charger,Just $19.99!!! Leave a comment

AntKay K135 Battery Charger Compatible batteries: Li-ion 14500,15500,16340,17500,18350,18550,18650.
AntKay K135 this product is designed to slide the charging slot, with a warning light, red light for the charge / blue light is full of electricity, AntKay K135 charger sliding four slot charger appearance of the atmosphere, powerful, Li-ion Battery / Flashlight and other electronic products carefully designed.

K135 Charger

AntKay K135 optimized design of the cooling system, so that the charging process more secure and stable, sliding with pure 304 stainless steel, fine workmanship, full of materials. Good contact, fast conduction, according to the length of the battery to adjust the charge. Multi-function input and output interface, any USB can charge for it at the same time, different types of battery charging does not affect each other, full of self-stop, extend battery life.

AntKay K135 battery charger

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